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I'm Dr Aishah Iqbal

I'm on a mission to empower my fellow medic mums to feel strong, confident and comfortable in their bodies.

Whilst at medical school, I qualified as a personal trainer and used my skills to support women on their fitness journey. Over the years, I started to realise that achieving weight loss goals was far more than seeing a number drop on the scales. The quest for weight loss is often far more than losing fat, often a smokescreen for struggles, difficulties and questions that can't always be put into words.

I've now created my own unique approach to weight loss, bringing together my knowledge and experience of fitness, health, neurolinguistic programming and motherhood!

You can learn more about my methods through listening to my podcast "Weight Loss For Medic Mums" on your favourite podcast app.


You might be wondering, why do I specialise in coaching medic mums or doctors who are mothers?

Here are my thoughts:

• The job of a doctor is an extremely tough, emotionally testing and exhausting one. Not only does the physical elements (night shifts, long hours etc) play a toll, the emotional element of each shift is often rarely dealt with in the best way.

• Medical school does not teach the intricate ins and outs of lifestyle change in depth. Nutrition, the power of sleep, stress management, implementing behaviour changes are powerful components to health yet as doctors we often lack the understanding and skills to implement them ourselves.

• Mothers play a massive role in moulding the future generation. As a paediatrician, the health of children is something hot on my mind. The best way to help children learn to nourish their health and wellbeing is to replicate it ourselves.

• If, as mothers who are doctors, we can start to better look after our own health, have a healthy outlook towards our body and size and be implementing sustainable lifestyle changes the impact will be unprecedented. Not only will we as individuals benefit, our families will too but so will every single patient that comes into contact with us.

Impacting the health of the general population starts by positively impacting our own as doctors.


Before I met Aishah, I was sort of sitting in a deep, dark forest full of information about weight loss and healthy options. Aishah guided me. I have radically changed my mindset thanks to her and I know that my journey to losing weight is just that: a happy, peaceful journey NOT a marathon.

- Cristina

Aishah's realistic knowledge of the stresses working in the NHS made me a lot more comfortable talking about my barriers to healthy living. I found it really useful externalising my thoughts as it made me think of realistic solutions and small goals.

- Anon, doctor

I found a coaching session with Aishah very useful. It has helped me identify the culprits to my weight loss journey and also allowed me to set up achievable goals and empower me to carry on in a useful way.

- S.W, GP


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