Medic Mums, Doctors who are mums, Physician Mums - Whatever you want to call yourself, let me just tell you that YOU'RE AMAZING.

Hi friend, my name is Aishah

I've dedicated this platform to help fellow busy doctor mums start to prioritise themselves and start making sustainable lifestyle changes. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your body.

We as medics are very good at putting everyone and everything before ourselves. We are compassionate, dedicated givers and empaths. But...we sometimes need to give ourselves the space to also receive to uphold our own wellbeing.

So let this slice of the internet be the place that gives you a little of what you need: support, compassion, advice, guidance and community.


Weight loss is a sensitive topic. It means different things for each individual. The desire to feel comfortable, happy and confident in your body is something we should all be able to work towards.

In my experience, for the vast majority of women, weight loss is more than just "slimming down". It's about being able to run after the kids without feeling breathless, it's about feeling confident when you look in the mirror and, for many medics, it's also about giving guidance to your patients that YOU understand yourself.

Dieting, calorie counting, restrictive eating

Instead of focusing on which diet to follow, the headlights need to be beamed on understanding why we do what we do and what is driving us to make certain actions, like eating a whole packet of biscuits in one sitting.

The weight loss industry is obsessed with numbers and weighing, without actually addressing the root cause of what has led you to be in this position in the first place.

My methodology towards weight loss is simple. Understand yourself, your thoughts and your emotions because this is the key to unlocking sustainable, long term weight loss. Yes, I teach nutrition and exercise - but this is just one component. Not the be all, end all.

You are more than capable of taking control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. You just have to make that choice to get back into the driving seat.



Weight Loss For Medic Mums is an exclusive podcast designed to give you as a busy doctor mum the skills, tools and knowledge you need to start implementing sustainable changes in your life.


This private facebook community is a safe place for you to come , learn and share. There are regular coaching sessions and challenges that you can join in on to keep you motivated and inspired.


Medic Mums Weight Loss Academy is the only dedicated coaching program for doctors who are also mums. With lifetime access to coaching, you'll never be alone in changing habits and keeping yourself accountable.


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