Mind Over Diets

Unleash your inner strength: an empowering, customised health & weight loss coaching program tailored for every stage of woman hood

Empowering women, who are ready for change, go from feeling tired, fed up and unhappy with their bodies to feeling strong, confident and energetic so dress in the clothes they want to wear, smile at the reflection looking back at them in the mirror and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Methodology

Mind Over Diets (MOD)

The MOD Method is here to uplift women like you at any stage of life, be it postpartum, menopausal, or simply when you're ready to make a change. Helping you break free from feeling tired, unhappy, and dissatisfied with your body, and instead embracing strength, confidence, and energy.


The MOD Method embraces the dynamic nature of womanhood, considering hormonal changes and their impact on women's health.We understand that a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn't work for the ever-changing needs of women. Our program is tailored to the unique challenges and triumphs that come with each stage of life, ensuring that every woman receives the personalised guidance and support she deserves.


Lasting lifestyle changes are achieved by tapping into the immense power of our thoughts, a vital element in transforming behavior and actions. Moving beyond mere willpower, we must explore the underlying motives behind our actions and employ science-backed techniques to reframe our mindset, ultimately unlocking enduring change.

The MOD method teaches you just how to do that using a variety of psychology and behaviour changing methods.


The MOD method has a saying "Eat Cake, Lose Weight, Feel great"!

Imposing limitations on your thoughts, actions, and taste buds hinders the richness of your life experiences. Embracing freedom in how you spend your time and savor your meals is essential. Remember, enjoyment is a fundamental component of a fulfilling journey!


The MOD method promotes gradual lifestyle transformations, recognising that rapid change often leads to short-lived results. To truly experience a life-altering shift, we must embrace the art of slowing down, taking a relaxed approach, and savouring the journey along the way.


We diligently explore every aspect of your life to uncover the underlying factors contributing to your health, weight, and well-being concerns. Your lifestyle is akin to a beautiful mosaic, where each element intricately weaves together, shaping your overall health outcomes. Our nurturing process guides you towards a deeper understanding of how each facet of life influences your well-being, empowering you to make informed decisions that enhance your lifestyle.


The foundation of the MOD method is rooted in kindness, as self-criticism only hinders progress. Through mindset shifts achieved via coaching, this approach cultivates self-love, confidence, and the reassuring presence of a supportive companion by your side at all times.

Meet Your coach

My name is Dr Aishah Iqbal.

I know - you're sick of hearing about the next trend that's supposedly going to help you with your weight management.

Nothing seems to work right?!

With extensive experience as a Personal Trainer, Medical Doctor, and Life Coach, I have developed a unique perspective on sustainable weight loss.

No diets, no restriction, no judgement, no misery - I'm here to provide a support and guidance for women at all stages seeking to lose weight naturally and permanently. My approach focuses on educating you about a holistic method that extends far beyond traditional dieting.

If you're ready to make positive changes and need someone who understands the intricacies of psychology and biology to guide you, look no further.

I can't wait to support you on the workshop! See you then!

Weight Loss Coaching

How does it work?


Our program's group format fosters a supportive community that bolsters morale and strengthens accountability, ensuring you stay motivated and committed to your weight loss journey. Sharing experiences and celebrating milestones with like-minded individuals can inspire lasting progress.


Our comprehensive curriculum educates you on the science of nutrition, mindset, weight loss, and human behaviour, empowering you to debunk myths and overcome self-blame. With newfound knowledge, you'll be equipped to make informed choices and take control of your weight loss journey.


Benefit from weekly group coaching sessions that provide personalised guidance and the opportunity for one-on-one input, allowing you to address any specific concerns or challenges. These tailored sessions ensure your individual needs are met, paving the way to a healthier, more confident you.


The program includes a wealth of resources, such as workbooks and worksheets, designed to help you apply and implement the valuable lessons learned throughout your weight loss journey. These practical tools ensure you stay engaged and focused on achieving your health and fitness goals.


Utilise our user-friendly tracking app to monitor your progress and visualise how far you've come on your weight loss journey. This powerful tool keeps you motivated, accountable, and focused on achieving your health and fitness goals.


Enjoy access to an exclusive private community space where you can connect, learn, and share experiences with other like-minded women on similar weight loss journeys. This supportive environment fosters camaraderie and encourages collective growth towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The big question...how much does it cost?!

I know - coaching can always seem like it sounds great but the price is just not within your budget. That's why I created the MOD group program, to make it as accessible and affordable to ALL.

What clients say

I came to Aishah feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy. I thought it was about my appearance but discovered that it was so much more than just that. Through this journey I have gotten back focused on my reason for everything that I was doing as a busy mother,

daughter, sister, full-time employee and student. Becoming healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually has made me feel energized and happy again. What I am most amazed about is that I am just as or even more busy than I was before starting this process, but I feel motivated and less exhausted than I ever been. I am so very grateful for the tools that Aishah gave me.

S, Mental Health Worker

Highly recommend arranging a coaching call with Aishah! We all know what we should be doing to get healthier and lose weight but sometimes you need advice that is specific to you and your lifestyle, and Aishah offers that.

As a busy professional herself, Aishah knows what she is talking about and has amazing insight through which she can pinpoint why things may not be working well for you and helps with finding what will.

I thought I was going to leave the call with some advice on diet and exercise but I got so much more such as understanding the importance of self care, sleep and mindset.

Afsheen, Doctor

So glad I decided to invest in myself! I had been yo-yo dieting for the past 7 years, I had a terrible relationship with food and myself. I did not know how much to eat or what to eat and Dr Aishah has helped me figure that out. No amount of youtube videos and reddit threads can guide you like her one-to-one sessions. I did not expect this to be so holistic - but through our sessions I have worked on developing healthy personal habits (not just exercise related) that has been good for my own well being consequently helping me to workout. I signed up to her programme in hope of losing weight for my wedding. Sure, I wasn’t a size 8 during my wedding, but I was confident and proud of how I looked and the person I was.

Amina, Teacher

Aishah was incredibly non-judgemental and supportive through the process. Because Aishah's approach understands that weight loss is about mentality. Over the course of 8 weeks or so, we looked at the growth mindset and implementing it into my daily life. We celebrated each small goal. Aishah knows it's the small steps to success and she helped me believe that I can make small changes and they do have a point in improving my fitness. When I got worked up because I had a stressful day, Aishah was a message away. She was easy to get ahold of and she broke overwhelming moments into questions that had me reframe my thinking.

Zara, Doctor

The 12 weeks I spent working with Aishah changed my whole life. I came to her unhappy, stressed, disliking my body and close to burnout. Never once did she tell me I was hopeless. Never once did she say that I needed to do X or Y. Aishah listened. I mean she REALLY listened. Yes, I weigh a lot less now. But more than that I am HAPPY with myself in many ways. I sleep better, I eat without guilt. Aishah changed my whole life and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Anna, Social Media Manager

The ideas underpinning the programme have been clearly laid out over the first 8 weeks in lectures which are engaging and well presented. By encouraging us to think beyond traditional ideas surrounding weight loss and consider how our thoughts and feelings impact on what we eat, I feel the programme is starting to change how I approach my diet, as well as improving other areas of my life eg my exercise and sleep. Aishah is a really approachable coach and as a fellow medic mum, she really understands the difficulties and is empathetic, positive and patient.

Hannah, Doctor

I enjoyed my interactions with Aishah, she is kind and positive. Most of all she manages to pinpoint bottlenecks, and help you find solutions. In this she never makes you feel bad or unworthy, but rather is a partner at your side, letting you find solutions with the tools you

already have, but weren’t thinking of applying right.

Esther, Midwife

Frequently Asked Question

Why is the program application only?

Each client is given a unique, bespoke experience when joining the weight loss coaching programme. As a weight loss coach, it is always a pleasure to work with the ladies I support. To ensure all clients get the best service possible, there are limited spaces available. the application process allows me to make sure you are at the right point in your journey to get the most out of the experience.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

Our group programmes are for 12 weeks where you will have access to coaching calls in that period. The online curriculum will be available for lifetime access and upon completion of the 12 weeks you will be given the option of continuing to hae support.

Will I get a meal plan?

No, you will not be given a meal plan but you will be supported with making changes to your eating habits through guidance, food diary reviews and pointers with making your own meal plan. This women's weight loss coaching programme is designed to teach you everything you need to know about your food and nutrition so you can make your own choices without following a set plan..

Does this programme involve using medication or weight loss injections

No, there is no weight loss medication used in this weight loss coaching programme. We focus primarily on shifting your mindset and working with you to implement lifestyle changes to create a health weight loss.

How much does weight loss coaching cost?

FThere are a number of different coaching packages available if you decide to take part in this women’s weight loss coaching programme. The various price points and possible payment plans can be discussed on a consultation call should your application be successful - we never want money to be the reason why you can’t access support. Packages start at £500

How else can you get support?

Whether you are looking for resources for yourself or are part of an organisation that would like consultancy support in developing the health and wellbeing of your employees, there are also other services and resources you can tap into.

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