Meet Dr Aishah Iqbal

Hi! My name is Aishah and I wear many different coloured headscarves in my professional career.

I'm a medical doctor specialising in paediatrics, a weight loss coach, an NLP practitioner, a transformational life coach and a personal trainer.

I know...I must love taking exams and collecting certificates :)

I've always been passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing. Medical school was great and I love being a doctor - but I soon realised that the health support I wanted to give people looked slightly different.

Whilst at medical school, a love for health and fitness led to me qualifying as a personal trainer and using my skills to support women on their fitness journey. Over the years, I started to realise that achieving health and weight management goals was far more than seeing a number drop on the scales. The quest for weight loss means more than losing fat - it's often a smokescreen for struggles, difficulties and questions that can't always be put into words.

I've spent years studying and researching the factors that play a part to achieving weight loss. I've now created my own unique approach to weight loss, bringing together my knowledge and experience of fitness, health, neurolinguistic programming and motherhood!

You can learn more about my methods through listening to my podcast "Mind Over Diets" on your favourite podcast app.




Level 3 personal trainer


NLP Practitioner


Breakthrough coach


So what do I do?

I coach and consult

My passion for women's health spans across weight management to general health & wellbeing.

Individual coaching

I support women on an individual basis coaching them through a weight loss or health/wellbeing journey. This can be in a group setting or in a 1:1 format.

Workplace wellbeing

My personal journey in the workplace with multiple chronic health illnesses has navigated a new passion in helping to use my medical & coaching knowledge to enhance wellbeing in the workplace.

Work with me

Current services available

Weight Loss Coaching

Using her specific and unique method, Dr Aishah offers both 1:1 and group weight loss coaching services to professional women.

Employee Wellbeing Programme

Dr Aishah is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing in workplaces. Her employee wellbeing programme consists of various workshops and seminars as well as accommodating bespoke needs.

Press / PR

Dr Aishah has appeared in a number of media outlets and is available to comment on relevant press articles or PR releases.


What Others Say

Before I met Aishah, I was sort of sitting in a deep, dark forest full of information about weight loss and healthy options. Aishah guided me. I have radically changed my mindset thanks to her and I know that my journey to losing weight is just that: a happy, peaceful journey NOT a marathon.


Aishah's realistic knowledge of the stresses working in the NHS made me a lot more comfortable talking about my barriers to healthy living. I found it really useful externalising my thoughts as it made me think of realistic solutions and small goals.

Anon, Doctor

I found a coaching session with Aishah very useful. It has helped me identify the culprits to my weight loss journey and also allowed me to set up achievable goals and empower me to carry on in a useful way.


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