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About Dr Aishah Iqbal

Mum, Medical Doctor, Personal Trainer, Health & Wellbeing Coach, Weight Loss Expert

Dr Aishah Iqbal is on a mission to empower women throughout the stages of womanhood to feel strong, confident and comfortable in their bodies. From puberty to pregnancy to menopause, at every stage women should feel empowered to take ownership of their health without taboo or shame.

She has a special interest in lifestyle medicine, weight management and behaviour psychology. Her own struggles with chronic illness throughout her adult life and managing this while working a busy, demanding job has pushed a deep desire to understand health, nutrition and behaviour.

The Methodology

Mind Over Diets (MOD)

Dr Aishah uses her own unique method for weight loss. The focus is to take scientific research and create practical, realistic steps that can be taken on a long term basis.

The MOD Method is here to uplift women like you at any stage of life, be it postpartum, menopausal, or simply when you're ready to make a change. Helping you break free from feeling tired, unhappy, and dissatisfied with your body, and instead embracing strength, confidence, and energy.


Weight is a product of the lifestyle you lead. Losing weight naturally and permanently involves looking at all the factors that are impacting your weight: stress, sleep, movement and general wellbeing.


Our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have to change our behaviour and actions. Rather than relying on willpower, focusing on understanding why we do what we do and utilising science backed methods to change thinking is the key to unlocking change.


Restricting your mind, movement and taste buds damages your journey in so many ways. There is no need to be restrictive over how to spend your time or what you eat. Enjoyment is a key ingredient to this!

Work with me

Current services available

Weight Loss Coaching

Using her specific and unique method, Dr Aishah offers both 1:1 and group weight loss coaching services to professional women.

Employee Wellbeing Programme

Dr Aishah is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing in workplaces. Her employee wellbeing programme consists of various workshops and seminars as well as accommodating bespoke needs.

Corporate Wellbeing Advisor

Dr Aishah is available to work with you to improve the health and wellbeing in your workplace as a corporate wellbeing advisor.

Press / PR

Dr Aishah has appeared in a number of media outlets and is available to comment on relevant press articles or PR releases.

Free Resources

Workshops, Discussions & Downloads

Mind Over Diets with Dr Aishah Iqbal


Combat Stress Eating Workshop


Doctor Aishah Youtube



What Others Say

The 12 weeks I spent working with Aishah changed my whole life. I came to her unhappy, stressed, disliking my body and close to burnout. Never once did she tell me I was hopeless. Never once did she say that I needed to do X or Y. Aishah listened. I mean she REALLY listened. Yes, I weigh a lot less now. But more than that I am HAPPY with myself in many ways. I sleep better, I eat without guilt. Aishah changed my whole life and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Anna, Social Media Manager

The ideas underpinning the programme have been clearly laid out over the first 8 weeks in lectures which are engaging and well presented. By encouraging us to think beyond traditional ideas surrounding weight loss and consider how our thoughts and feelings impact on what we eat, I feel the programme is starting to change how I approach my diet, as well as improving other areas of my life eg my exercise and sleep. Aishah is a really approachable coach and as a fellow medic mum, she really understands the difficulties and is empathetic, positive and patient.

Hannah, Hospital Doctor

I enjoyed my interactions with Aishah, she is kind and positive. Most of all she manages to

pinpoint bottlenecks, and help you find solutions. In this she never makes you feel bad or

unworthy, but rather is a partner at your side, letting you find solutions with the tools you

already have, but weren’t thinking of applying right.

Esther, Midwife

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