Nurturing Employee Wellbeing: Unlocking Productivity, Happiness, and Success

£30 billion

lost by the UK economy due to sleep deprivation and poor productivity


of women women feel their health condition or disability has impacted their experience in the workplace.

£4.2 billion

cost to the UK economy due to obesity related absenteeism


people with chronic health illnesses lose their job every year

Why is employee wellbeing important to me

As a doctor who deeply values the impact of lifestyle on health, employee wellbeing holds a special place in my heart.

Throughout my personal journey, I have encountered the detrimental effects of stress in the workplace and battled with the challenges posed by chronic health conditions. These experiences have instilled in me a profound understanding of the vital connection between mental and physical well-being.

It's estimated the average person spends 90,000 hours in the workplace over a lifetime. This staggering statistic serves as a poignant reminder of the tremendous influence that work can have on our overall quality of life.

As an advocate for employee well-being, I am dedicated to creating impactful change by fostering healthier work environments, promoting work-life balance, and prioritising the mental and physical health of individuals in the workplace.

About Dr Aishah Iqbal

Mum, Medical Doctor, Personal Trainer, Health & Wellbeing Coach, Weight Loss Expert

Hi! My name is Aishah and I wear many different coloured headscarves in my professional career.

I'm a medical doctor specialising in paediatrics, a weight loss coach, an NLP practitioner, a transformational life coach and a personal trainer.

I'm on a mission to empower professional women to feel strong, confident and comfortable in their bodies.

I have a special interest in lifestyle medicine, weight management and behaviour psychology. My own struggles with chronic illness throughout my adult life and managing this why working a busy, demanding job has pushed a deep desire to understand health, nutrition and behaviour.

Current services available

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

A qualified NLP and life coach, I offer a unique,

holistic health coaching program tackling common

lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep and nutrition.

Coaching is tailored to the needs of the client; group and

1:1 options are available.

Wellbeing Workshop

I offers comprehensive wellbeing workshops that educate both employees and employers on workplace health-related topics and key management strategies. The workshops provide valuable insights and actionable steps for fostering a healthier and more productive work environment. My topics include: Female Health, Stress Management, Implementing Lifestyle Changes, Nutrition & Exercise

Bespoke Packages

If you're seeking a tailored solution to address your specific workplace wellbeing challenges, I offer customised packages that combine a variety of services. Let's collaborate to create a package that effectively tackles your pressing wellbeing concerns and supports a healthier and thriving work environment.

Available Workshops

The Hidden Toll: Unveiling the Impact of Chronic Stress on the Body

According to a survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation in 2018,

women are more likely to be unable to cope due to stress or overwhelm.

This workshop aims to highlight how day to day stress impacts our health,

particularly as females. Throughout the workshop we will explore realistic

and practical stress management strategies to create a shift in how stress is impacting our health.

Embracing a New Narrative: Liberating Ourselves from Diets and Taboos

Obesity is estimated to be costing the UK economy £27 billion per year;

obesity related conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are

contributing to lost productivity and absenteeism.

This workshop aims to tackle this sensitive issues by outlining key medical and scientific research to demonstrate the impact workplaces, lifestyle and psychology have on weight management struggles. Together we will explore how we shift the dialogue away from blame or judgement to practical, realistic lifestyle shifts that can be made together.

Nurturing the Female Cycle: Empowering Lifestyle Changes for Enhanced Wellbeing and Joy

The aim of this workshop is to outline some of the changes that the

female body experiences from puberty to menopause. We will explore how our lifestyle impacts us throughout these various stages and think about methods that can be implemented into daily life to enable a better health outcome.

Nourish for Peak Performance: Unleashing the Power of Nutrition and Productivity

Increasing productivity is a focus for many business and individual. There is growing evidence that supports using nutrition to help us perform better in various different capacities.

This workshop aims to outline the power nutrition has, how it can impact productivity levels and the simple steps you can start taking today!

Unleashing the Power of Thoughts and Words

Our thoughts shape our destiny, intricately intertwined with the outcomes we manifest. Through the power of transformational coaching and NLP concepts, this dynamic and interactive workshop illuminates the profound influence of our thoughts on our actions. Discover practical strategies to harness the potential within, adapting your thoughts to purposefully create the results you desire.

Restorative Rhythms: Decoding the Dance of Sleep and Stress

The aim of this workshop is to outline some of the changes that the

female body experiences from puberty to menopause. We will explore how our lifestyle impacts us throughout these various stages and think about methods that can be implemented into daily life to enable a better health outcome.

Download the full brochure of employee health and wellbeing workshops available.


What Others Say

The 12 weeks I spent working with Aishah changed my whole life. I came to her unhappy, stressed, disliking my body and close to burnout. Never once did she tell me I was hopeless. Never once did she say that I needed to do X or Y. Aishah listened. I mean she REALLY listened. Yes, I weigh a lot less now. But more than that I am HAPPY with myself in many ways. I sleep better, I eat without guilt. Aishah changed my whole life and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Anna, Social Media Manager

The ideas underpinning the programme have been clearly laid out over the first 8 weeks in lectures which are engaging and well presented. By encouraging us to think beyond traditional ideas surrounding weight loss and consider how our thoughts and feelings impact on what we eat, I feel the programme is starting to change how I approach my diet, as well as improving other areas of my life eg my exercise and sleep. Aishah is a really approachable coach and as a fellow medic mum, she really understands the difficulties and is empathetic, positive and patient.

Hannah, Hospital Doctor

I enjoyed my interactions with Aishah, she is kind and positive. Most of all she manages to

pinpoint bottlenecks, and help you find solutions. In this she never makes you feel bad or

unworthy, but rather is a partner at your side, letting you find solutions with the tools you

already have, but weren’t thinking of applying right.

Esther, Midwife

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